Radar and Measurement Technology

MMS Motion Measurement System

MSS unit

SPC's Motion Measurement System (MMS) incorporates proven COTS INS/GPS technology to measure and record 6-axis platform position and orientation. User-friendly software provides complete control of the INS/GPS unit and performs data logging in both binary and ASCII formats. In addition, formatted data can be transmitted in real time to a processing site through the use of a radio modem.

SPC's MMS has been successfully deployed to provide real-time tracking capability for the MkVe instrumentation radar.

Please use the form below to access more info about MMS and customization options, or contact us if you already have your own C-MIGITS and are interested in our Labview software.

  • Systron Donner C-MIGITS integrated INS/GPS unit
  • Laptop computer (ruggedized laptops are available)
  • Labview control software
  • Conditioning power supply
  • GPS antenna
  • Mounting plate and carrying case
  • Optional add-ons are also available
  • Position Accuracy (non-differential): 3.9 m
  • Velocity Accuracy: 0.1 m/s
  • Attitude Accuracy: 1.0 mrad
  • Heading Accuracy (non-differential): 1.5 mrad
  • Time Accuracy: 1 us
  • Data Update Rate: 10 Hz
  • Recording Duration: >1 year with standard laptop hard drive
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