Radar and Measurement Technology

Ground-based Measurement

SPC's truck-mobile radar is capable of manual range and angle tracking to support measurements of dynamic targets. Measurements with the truck-mobile MkIV radar have included radar signatures tests against dynamic helicopters, boats and ships. Static tests include measurements of aircraft, missiles, UAVs, tanks and trucks, as well as Doppler measurements of explosive interceptors and collision fragments. Recent work in this field has included:

Signature Data of Mobile Ground Targets

Data collection from SS21 on rotating table with radar on a tower. Images shown are X-band, HH polarization with 600 MHz of bandwidth.

Radar image

Rocket Sled Kill Assessment Measurements

Broad-band kill assessment measurements from high-speed impact rocket sled tests. The radar is situated close to the impact point and operated remotely.

Photo of collision
Photo of Collision
Screen showing collision on Dopplar Radar