Radar and Measurement Technology

Engineering and Prototyping Services

SPC offers its customers decades of expertise in the following areas:

Digital Engineering
We have extensive experience in digital system design. Our expertise includes:
  • High-speed logic design and development (TTL, ECL, PECL, CMOS)
  • Programmable logic (Altera, Xilinx)
  • Interfaces (serial, IEEE-488, VXI/VME, PCI, SCSI, custom)
  • Accurate programmable system delays to less than 100 picoseconds
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) custom utilization in real-time processing applications
  • Development tools for programmable logic and DSP hardware/software development
  • Design, layout, and checkout of extensive multi-layer Printed Circuit assemblies (up to 18 layers)
  • Extensive experience in thermal, signal transmission line and sensitive grounding (noise) issues associated with analog-to-digital circuits.
Software Engineering
Our software engineers have experience developing both large-scale and small-scale applications. Application interfaces have been developed for positioner control, high-speed data acquisition and storage, hardware control, GUI, and data/image processing (radar, Pulse-Doppler, step-chirp, tomographic). Custom-made software solutions have included:
RF Engineering
  • Wideband RF/Microwave Design and Test (circuit and system-level)
  • mmW System Design and Test
  • High Power RF Systems
  • High Reliability Circuits and Systems
  • Low Noise Receiver Designs
  • Mixed Signal Circuits and Systems
  • PCB Design, Layout, and Test
  • Ruggedized Systems for Extreme Environmental Requirements
  • Detailed System Analyses including:
    • Link Budget
    • Cascaded Receiver Noise Figure / Dynamic Range
    • System Sensitivity / Radar Range
    • Spurious/Harmonic Balance
  • Simulation/Analysis Software
    • Agilent Genesys
    • Matlab
    • MathCAD
    • Mentor Graphics