Radar and Measurement Technology

Cheetah CheetahThe Cheetah is a hardware-gated PNA measurement system that leverages widely commercialized network analyzer technology to yield exceptional value. It provides state-of-the-art measurement sensitivity at practical speeds and a very affordable price.

Cheetah systems are turn-key and based on a total system design approach that addresses the many nuances required to achieve accurate and reliable RCS data. The versatile Cheetah architecture supports custom frequency bands in the range of 10 MHz to >100 GHz. The turn-key system integrates a PNA with a gated transceiver unit, software, a PC, and other options including antennas and target control equipment. Onsite training and an extended warranty are also provided.

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Transceiver Advantage
The gated Cheetah transceiver dramatically enhances the ability of a PNA to collect RCS and antenna data. The transceiver incorporates low noise amplifiers that improve measurement sensitivity by more than 30 dB (compared to measurements using a standalone PNA). The transceiver also incorporates high isolation gating switches that preserve the PNA's dynamic range. An integrated timing unit enables precise range gating and clutter suppression during RCS measurements.
Measurement Software
The Cheetah supports both RCS and antenna measurements. Full featured software for both applications is provided by CompuQuest, a trusted and well-established name within RCS and antenna measurement communities. (For full details, please contact SPC to request Cheetah software manuals.)

RCS Measurement Software

  • RCS vs. Azimuth
  • ISAR imaging
  • Full polarization matrix
  • Background subtraction
  • RCS calibration with full library of all common cal standards
  • Phase coding
  • Remote control of radar over the Internet
  • Full access to radar timing signals and control
  • Range walk
  • Transmit power leveling for optimal dynamic range
  • Multi-axis position control
  • Radar diagnostic tools
  • Easy-to-learn graphical user interface

Antenna Measurement Software

  • Linear and polar antenna patterns
  • Fully automated axial ratio calculation
  • Empty chamber subtraction
  • Fully automated RMS calculation
  • Full raster scanning for 3-D antenna patterns
  • Near-field to far field correction based on NIST standards
  • Automatic calculation of standard antenna parameters
  • Power sweeps for characterizing active antennas
System Components
  • Cheetah Transceiver (2 to 18 GHz)
  • Agilent PNA (0.01 to 20 GHz)
  • Measurement software
  • Computer, monitor, keyboard
  • Color printer
  • Premium instrumentation rack, single bay
  • System RF cabling
  • Six to 25 ft. antenna cable
  • System timing and interface cabling
  • Cheetah Owner's Manual
  • One-year warranty (with extended warranty option)
  • Onsite installation (with onsite training option)
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