Radar and Measurement Technology

Analog/Digital Data Recorder (ADDR)

Analog/Digital Data Recorder (ADDR) SPC offers a PC-based multi-channel, high-speed Analog/Digital Data Recorder (ADDR). The ADDR combines commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) I/O and data streaming cards with custom software to provide ultra-fast throughput to disk on an easy-to-use system.

ADDR also includes data processing and analysis tools, providing both a high-speed data acquisition system and a powerful data processing platform in a single unit. ADDR is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications across many fields, including:



How It Works
As data is acquired, it is transferred directly to a disk-streaming card through the computer's bus or a standard external interface. This direct data transfer allows dataflow to bypass the operating system, thereby eliminating any delays caused by task management or software latency.

Data rates are limited only by the interface bandwidth. If higher aggregate data rates are required, input channels may be distributed across multiple cards with the user interface provided by a single CPU. Furthermore, FIFO buffers in the A/D cards allow triggered, non-continuous collections at burst rates that exceed the continuous throughput of the bus..

Because ADDR uses standard SATA hard drives, it benefits from advances in hard drive technology, leading to increased storage capacity at minimal additional cost.

User control is provided via a custom-built graphical user interface (GUI) operating software. The software allows the user to modify collection parameters, start/stop collection, extract data to a file, and perform preliminary post-processing of data. Processing software may be customized to suit application requirements. Processing software capabilities include data display (time and frequency domains), feature search, and pattern matching. Raw data can be provided in binary or ASCII format on a variety of media (i.e., DVD, CD, hard drive, USB drive).

  • Simultaneous real-time display and recording
  • Status monitoring
  • Remote control via TCP/IP
  • Raw data viewing and extraction
  • Baseband or IF sampling
  • Basic digitizing or digital receiver configurations
  • Up to 600 MS/s continuous sampling
  • Up to 16-bit sampling resolution
  • Over 10 GS/s bursted sampling
  • Over 200 MHz continuous bandwidth
  • Over 8 GHz bursted bandwidth
  • Maximum data transfer rate: 600 MByte/sec per PCI board
  • Storage capacity: Up to 32 TByte per PCI board
  • Multiple configurations (desktop, rack-mount, portable, cPCI, remote acquisition)
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